Pinch Application and Benefits

Airpinch™ Pinch Valve Applications

Gauge protection – Install directly in the fluid line or put a tee in the line and attach the valve to the leg of the tee. 

Motion control – Hold rods and shafts in a fixed position. Use for linear or rotational motion control.

Pneumatic conveying – Control fluidized dry material. 

Pressure relief – Use actuation pressure to close the valve at "normal" operation pressures for the system. 

Surge protection – Modulate surges in pressure or flow rate in a piping system. 

Throttling – Valves can maintain a lower actuation/controlled material pressure differential than is required for complete closure. 

Vacuum receiver – Can eliminate the need for periodic shutdown of the system to empty a receiver.

Benefits Of Airpinch Pinch Valves

Airpinch pinch valves can be a real problem solver for demanding control applications. Threaded NPT or BSPT pinch valves housings are available in molded polypropylene and nylon, or anodized aluminum. Choose from a variety of elastomers for optimum compatibility and performance with your controlled media.  

Airpinch pinch valve housings are precision molded of engineering grade plastics. This results in a rugged valve at an economical price. Molded pinch valves are lightweight and well suited for use where corrodible and heavy metal valves won’t work.

Airpinch pinch valves give you fast, positive shut-off of most industrial materials, liquids, and dry flowables. They will close tightly on suspended particulate materials in liquids. Even highly viscous materials are no problem.

Airpinch pinch valves are versatile because of their unique flow-through design. They provide rapid operation; full, unobstructed flow; and complete closure. Mount them in any position—even fully submerged. 







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