Our construction products are like you.

Rugged. Versatile. Efficient. That’s why we say Richway is the way work gets done.

We stand behind our products—and you.

Our products have to be the best cellular concrete equipment, grout mixing equipment, foam concentrate, and productivity tools. They are the foundation of every project of which you’re a part.


Richway Industries has been a family owned business since 1973.

It all started with ag. We began by building foam marking systems for row crop sprayers for the ag industry. Our product line expanded to turf, evolved with industrial valves, and continued with construction.


Have something we can help with? Just let us know! 

Located in Janesville, Iowa, our facility encompasses 65,000 square feet of office and manufacturing space. Our process capabilities include rubber molding, plastic injection, rotational molding, metal fabrication, powder coating, and CNC machining. 


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