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Mechanical Engineer

EMPLOYER NAME: Richway Industries Ltd.               

POSITION TITLE:  Mechanical Engineer  


  1. Mechanical Product Design and Development for Ag and Construction Equipment (65%) which includes doing initial mechanical design concepts, print creation, and product testing and validation.
  2. Project Training on Operating Cellular Concrete Equipment (5%), which includes onsite training on how to operate the machines and how to check for quality issues of the material they are producing.
  3. CAD Data Management and Development for Ag and Construction equipment (20%), which includes organization of file and file structure, part number creation and description creation, and building software systems for helping create and organize the data.
  4. Travel to Customer’s Job Sites and OEM Facilities in the US (5%) to help train and help solve customer issues in the field or on the equipment.
  5. Attend trade shows to help market and sell out Ag, Turf, and Construction products (5%). Also may attend trade shows to help gather new ideas for product design.


  1. Bachelor’s degree or foreign equivalent in Mechanical Engineering or Manufacturing Engineering.
  2. 12 months relevant experience as a Mechanical Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, or Data Coordinator in a manufacturing industry, or closely related.
  3. 12 months experience in the following:
  4. Microsoft Excel – Visual Basic for Application (VBA);
  5. Microsoft SQL Server
  6. Microsoft Access
  7. Tableau, HTML, and PHP.
  8. All experience can be gained concurrently.


LOCATION OF EMPLOYMENT: 504 North Maple Street

                                                                        Janesville, IA 50647


Applicants who are interested in the Position should send a cover letter and resume to:


Jessica Huck, Human Resources Manager,

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