Stackability or Lift Height of Cellular Concrete

Stackability or Lift Height of Cellular Concrete
Cellular Concrete Lift Height

Most of the United States and Canada use the term “lift height” to indicate the thickness of a layer of placed concrete.  But did you know there are pockets in the US where the term “stackability” is used instead of lift height.  Apparently these pockets exist throughout the world.

Quite how this came to be is not known and seemingly research linguists care very little about the origins.  Is is thought that it has something to do with translation and thinking about wet concrete as being discrete like blocks.

Speculation is that the terms “stackable” and “stackability” were then imported into the US and Canada by immigrants from those areas where the terms were first used.

So, if you want to get a puzzled look from someone, just tell them that “this concrete (or cellular concrete) is stackable to 7 feet or its stackability is 8 feet or pick your own number.

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