Multi-Story Floor Leveling

Multi-Story Floor Leveling

Project at a Glance

Material Placed: 4000 yds³ (3058 m³)
Material Density: 30 – 35 pcf (480 – 561 kg/m³)
Base Slurry Mix Design: Portland, .50 water/cement ratio

A new Richway customer contracted a job requiring 4000 yds³ (3058 m³) of 35 PCF (561 kg/m³) material to level floors in 110-year-old building. The project, located in downtown Brooklyn, New York, was part of a renovation of what was originally a coffee-grinding factory along the Hudson River, converting it into retail and residential space.

Cellular concrete was chosen because of its ability to provide the necessary leveling with a reduced statue load on the original structure. 7-14 days after placement, lightweight concrete was used to provide a thin cap over the cellular concrete.

Using the CF-CT30G, cellular concrete was pumped as high as four stories and 200’ (61 m) horizontally. Material consistency and density repeatability were excellent between multiple starts and stops due to Richway’s level of component integration and foam injection technology.

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