Backfill in a Mine

Backfill in a Mine

Project at a Glance

Material Placed: 4500 yards³ (3441 m³)
Material Density: 35 pcf (561 kg/m³)
Base Slurry Mix Design: Portland .50 water/cement ratio

A Richway customer was brought into an underground limestone mine to provide remedial work at the far end of a new slope that was being driven. This lower portion of the slope was to be backfilled, and then re-bored before setting new steel sets. The second phase of the project involved backfilling the steel sets in this portion of the slope, and also setting and backfilling steel sets 200’ (61 m) up the existing slope.

The first phase of work occurred 800’ (244 m) underground. The slurry used for this project was Portland with a .5 water to cement ratio. The slurry was mixed on the surface and then pumped, using a CF-CT30G, down to the CF-CT100D where the foam was injected and pumped to the final point of placement.

In the second phase of the project Richway’s all pneumatic CF-CS25P replaced the CF-CT100D underground and finished the backfilling of the newly installed steel sets. A total of 4500 yd³ (3441 m³) of 35 PCF (561 kg/m³) material was produced during phase 1 and 2.

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