Water Main Abandonment

Water Main Abandonment

Project at a Glance

Material Placed: 23 yards³ (17.5 m³)
Material Density: 30 pcf (480 kg/m³)
Base Slurry Mix Design: Portland .60 water/cement ratio

Richway Industries contracted a job in Waterloo, IA to fill an abandoned water main that runs under Highway 20.  The pipe that needed to be filled was 12″ in diameter and 800′ long.  The project was completed with 23 yards³ of 30 PCF material and pumped using one our CT-30 D machines.

As is often found, the pipe did have some water remaining inside of it.  We were once again able to successfully demonstrate the ability of 30PCF cellular concrete to displace the water.  Material density was verified on the vent end to be within 2 PCF of target density.

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