Cellular Concrete Field QC Kit

Cellular Concrete Field QC Kit

We get a lot of questions about cellular concrete that extend beyond just the products we offer. A common question is “What’s the best way to measure the density of cellular concrete?” There are many ways to measure density.

On a basic level to find the density of cellular concrete you need a scale, and a container of a known volume (which can be calculated based on the weight of water it will hold), and then a way to convert the cellular concrete weight into volume, commonly expressed as pounds per cubic foot or PCF.

After a few years of dealing with cheat sheets and doing volume/density conversion calculations in the field and our lab, we decided there had to be an easier way. So we put together our Field QC kit. Our kit that makes it extremely easy. We’ve simply paired up a high quality rugged scale with a .10 ft³ measuring pot and put them into a kit that also includes a scoop, a few test cylinders, and then packaged them into weatherproof tool box.

To measure the density with our kit you simply;

1. Tare the scale for the weight of the pot
2. Fill the pot with cellular material
3. Take the weight times 10 to find the density if PCF

Of course being able to measure density accurately and conveniently on the job is only one aspect of ensuring a good QC program for producing cellular concrete. There are a number of additional factors involved in completing a project well but simplifying this portion is an easy step in the right direction.

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