Cellular Concrete Equipment

Choose from two different cellular concrete production methods.

Richway’s cellular concrete equipment line—CreteFoamer™—lets you choose the equipment that’s right for you. There are two different production methods for producing cellular concrete, and we have you covered for both. Both machines pair perfectly with our Foam Concentrate.

Batch Production Machines

Richway CFP6-1C CretefoamerOur batch production machines help you get started with producing cellular concrete for a minimal investment. With machines ranging from one cubic foot per minute up to 20 cubic feet per minute, we have a machine that’ll fit your cellular concrete project.

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Continuous Production Machines

Richway CF-CS25E CretefoamerProduce cellular concrete more efficiently with our continuous production machines. All of our continuous production machines have integrated pumps that allow the foam and slurry to be mixed in-line and pumped to the point of placement, allowing you to get more done for less. Our machines range from 6 yd³ to 100 yd³ an hour so give us a call and let us help you decide which machine fits your needs.

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