Pumping Cellular Concrete Vertically

Pumping Cellular Concrete Vertically

On numerous occasions we’ve been asked if you can pump cellular concrete vertically. You certainly can. We’ve had the opportunity to be a part of a large project in which we pumped cellular concrete 4 stories high. About 4000yds³ of 35 PCF material was placed to level floors on a old timber frame building that was being renovated for new commercial use. After the cellular concrete was placed at depths up to 6”, a lightweight concrete cap was placed on top as the final floor topping. On this project our CT-30G was used, which utilizes the continuous production method in which foam is injected and mixed inline on the discharge side of the slurry pump.

A subsequent question that gets asked once we tell people you can pump vertically is whether or not the material density will change pre pump to post pump. Yes, it can. If at all and how much depends on a number of factors; pump type, pump condition, hose size/length, production method (continuous or batch), and other factors. All of these factors apply to pumping horizontally as well.

Using the right equipment and the proper production method can make a huge difference in the success of a project. Using the continuous production method along with the right equipment is not only more efficient, it’s easier to maintain consistent material density. Essentially in this production method foam flow rate and slurry flow rate must be proportioned to obtain the desired density. Richway’s equipment gives operators the ability to monitor all of the necessary inputs to ensure consistent material density as line lengths, sizes, and elevations change. Additionally our design and level of integration means that you’ll get repeatable results too.

Check out this video to see learn more about the Multi-Story Floor Leveling Project:

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