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Material Placed: 250 yards³ (192 m³)
Material Density: 30 pcf (481 kg/m³)
Base Slurry Mix Design: Portland with 40% flyash, .60 water/cement ratio

A new Richway customer got into cellular concrete by pursuing annular space fills on sliplining projects. Filling the annulus with cellular concrete is a popular and good application for cellular concrete.

The material’s low density allows reduced potential for pipe flotation and easy, low pressure pumping. Richway’s CF-CT30G uses the continuous production method, which is particularly advantageous for this customer because of their distant proximity to ready-mix plants.

Two pipes were to be filled, with lengths ranging from 200’-300’ (61- 91 m) in length and diameters from 12” to 48” (30 cm to 122 cm). The required volumes of cellular concrete totaled 250 yards³ (192 m³).

To complete the two jobs, nine 8 yard³ (6.1 m³) loads of slurry were delivered to the job site. Only requiring nine trucks of material, instead of 25, resulted in huge savings for the customer.

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