Utility Trench Fill

Utility Trench Fill

Project at a Glance

Material Placed: 120 yards³ (92 m³)
Material Density: 40 pcf (641 kg/m³)
Base Slurry Mix Design: Portland with 20% fly ash, .50 water/cement ratio, .30 sand/cement ratio

Richway began the construction of an additional 7500 sq. ft. (697 m²) of manufacturing space in the summer of 2011. As with most building projects, fill material was needed to bring everything to grade before pouring the 6” (15.2 cm) concrete floor. This created a great opportunity to showcase the benefits of cellular concrete for the 3-9” (7.6-22.9 cm) of fill material needed.

For this project, using cellular meant no labor-intensive compaction was needed, and because 40 PCF (641 kg/m³) cellular provides thermal insulation, 2” (5.1 cm) polystyrene insulation wasn’t needed underneath the slab.

Additionally, there was no screeding needed because the cellular concrete was self-leveling. Cellular was also used as fill for the 3’ (.9 m) deep utility trench. The subbase took less than a day to place, and was ready for the full density slab in 24 hours.

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